4 thoughts on “The Social and Racial Characteristics of …..”

  1. “Aleksander Dugin, Russian ultra nationalist, speaking at Bolshevik National Party meeting, 1996. Note the BNP flag on the left hand side.”

    I did not know the British National Party had posters using Russian letters like “й”.

    Of course the above was knowingly falsily used to support your narrative. I think you will find that the British National Party just wants to ensure that Britain remains a country of European peoples, no different than the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and for that matter any other people in the world do not have a desire to ensure their demographic future. It is a position no different to the Versailles treaty of 1919 which formed and gave legitimacy for ethnic groups to have their own soverign nations.

    1. Just seen your comment re BNP. In the quote you highlight, I write “Bolshevik National Party”: the BNP flag refers to that Russian based Party, not the British National Party. Therefore nothing was ‘falsily’ used to support my narrative. Pete.

    1. Thanks, Micky, for finding the Post strangely compelling. And yes, I understand your feeling that the Post is all over the place. The theme, as you’ll see, is the totalitarian similarity of the messianic political ideology of both Hitler and the National Socialists, and Marx and Engels and the movements they inspired. In some ways there is too much material, and themes, compressed into the piece – hence the feeling that there are detours that take it ‘all over the place’, rather than heading for the main destination. In the footnotes, in particular I spend quite a bit of time on the authenticity of documents, including photographs. I’ve partly done this as Holocaust Deniers have their mirror image in those who deny the extent of the deaths in the regimes in the USSR, China, Cambodia and North Korea. There is also a similarity with those who claim Hitler didn’t authorise or know about the Final Solution, and those who claim things only got bad after Lenin died. (These defenders of their Faith haven’t usually read Marx or Engels and are ignorant of their views on Slavs, the Chinese, etc).

      Of course the irony is, my reply to you is, like the point you made, a wee bit all over the place.

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