2 thoughts on “Walking to Scotland 1965 – 3: The Forest of Bowland, The Yorkshire Dales & Westmoreland.”

  1. You have a photo of the rear of Garsdale Youth Hostel and I am trying to track down exactly where this is/ was. I dont think Garsdale and Garsdale Head YHA were the same building, as photos of both dont look the same. Can you give me any clues that might help me track this down. I want to replicate a photograph my father took over 60 years ago (one of many I’ve been tracking down and matching his pictures)

    1. Dear Trish, Thanks for getting in touch, and what an interesting project you’re involved in with your father’s photographs. Re. Garsdale youth hostel – I stayed there approx.8 years after the photo that your father took a youth hostel at Garsdale. Certainly since 1963 the Garsdale youth hostel was at Shaws. I stayed there then, too. The One Inch Ordnance Tourist map from 1961 of the hostel is reproduced in the Post. I can see there is a confusion in the two Garsdale youth hostel photos. One is identified as Shaws, and the other one says Garsdale Head. And yes, Garsdale Head is approx. 2 miles to the south of Shaws, near the site of the now closed railway station.

      However, to further confuse the identification of the hostels, the building in the photo identified as Garsdale Head, is very similar to Shaws: two storey with a two pot chimney at the south west end of the building, and both photos show the hostel/s on a slope. Hopefully someone reading this will be able to let us know whether there was a hostel at Garsdale Head prior to Garsdale Shaws.

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