9 thoughts on “Bert Hardy: The Complete Photographer”

  1. Came across your excellent article on Bert Hardy while thinking about him with VE day celebrations approaching.He judged a photo competition I won in the 1980’s and we became good friends with he and Sheila. We was great encouragement to me , he was a genius as a photographer and a wonderful human being. He deserves much more recognition.
    Excellent site by the way will explore more

    1. Thanks David – Yes, he was a world leading photographer, and yes, he deserves much more recognition. Interesting you got to know him and Sheila. I’m presently putting the photographs of Hans Richard Griebe, an unknown German photographer, on You Tube (due early June 2020). He was only a touch younger than Bert, and like Bert he was brilliant at taking back-lit photos, and photos in difficult lighting conditions. – Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Hello Nicky, Difficult to work out why there is only one book at present of Bert Hardy’s work, and that it is not an overview of his wide range. Re. the small UK market for photo books, you’re right, but the following Scottish, Welsh and English photographers of the past and present are often available here in the UK: David Octavius Hill, Julia Cameron, Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson, George Rodger, John Gay, Larry Burrows, Philip Jones Griffiths, John Deacon, Albert Watson and Martin Parr, for example. Thanks for your interest.

  2. I’ve always been a great fan of Bert Hardy, and especially of his photodocumentary style. GreT inspiration for young photographers.

  3. It seems about time such an article was written. I hope it is widely read and he is given the credit and publications he deserves.

    1. Thanks, Elspeth. Yes, let’s hope he gets a monograph published by Thames & Hudson or Phaidon, with plates from restored and cleaned up negatives. As you will see in the STOP PRESS paragraph, the Wikipedia entry on the groundbreaking Museum of Modern Art 1955 photo exhibition Family of Man have omitted his contribution!

  4. Good points made. Oddly, it never occured to me that Bert Hardy was anything other than as well-published as the other photographers you mention. The quality of his photos led me to expect so, I suppose.

    1. Thanks Mick. Yes, you’d expect there to be a decent and comprehensive book of the range of his photos in print. British publishers such as Thames & Hudson have ignored him for decades.

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