Nelson’s Column & The Eiffel Tower / Photos: Pete Grafton

2007-19-19 Traf Sq pngNelson’s Column and The Eiffel Tower

Nelson’s Column, Rush Hour, sun setting in the West. 5.30 pm, 2nd October, 2007

2007-19 -24Traf Sq png

2007-19-21 Traf Sq png

2007-19-22 Traf Sq png

2007-19-26Traf Sq png

2007-19-23 Traf Sq. png

2008-8-9 png

 The Eiffel Tower from Trocadero, midday, light fog.  22nd April, 2008

2008-8-3 png

2008-8-6 png

2008-8-7 png

2008-8-11 png

2008-8-13 png

2008-8-15 png

2008-8-18 png

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