4 thoughts on “Walking to Scotland 1965. Part 7. Glen Coe, Fort William….”

  1. Pete, I think you are correct with Fort William; having lived there for many years in the 1970s the Station Hotel was always in that position, with one thin window on that elevation and the hill leading down to the station (which has now moved of course). Alan

  2. The photo you have of Fort William square in the 1960s , is Port William IN South west Scotland Wigtownshire.

    1. Thanks for keeping me right, Stuart. I always wondered about that photo of ‘Fort William’. I didn’t recognise it but assumed despite many visits to Fort William over the years it was a wee bit I missed. And yes, I know of Port William, never been there but have been in Wigtown, before it became (and since) it was designated the Book Town. Thanks again Stuart.

  3. Pete, I married Dave, the Gnome of Achnashellac. We set up a ‘pirate’ Hostel in Glen Torridon 1967 to 73. We were also folk singers and made a couple of albums. We eventually divorced, but are still in touch. He’s had two more wives since me and a couple of kids. Contact me on my email.

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